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El Milano Extensions offering Royal Russian & Premium East European Hair-Lines WorldWide

El Milano Extensions is one of leading hair extension companies. Since foundation in 2001 we have achieved the dream of providing long and thick hair extensions to hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. Always with quick delivery, personalized service and secure payment.

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Within the 20 dedicated years we have been delivering unique Rabbi-certified Jewish Wigs directly to our customers without any dealer or a third party involved. Every order is carried out with care and dedication.


The concerted effort and strong dedication put into our products by award-winning designers are what makes our wigs truly unique and of the paramount quality. The true knowledge and avid passion for their profession results in our products going trendy and worldwide.


We process every hair bundle with a meticulous expertise and care. Our conoisseurs hand-select the quality of the hair. Exclusively virgin hair is used in all intracate parts of the wig to ensure no tangling and no shedding.


Wide stockpile availability of high quality wigs at all times makes it accessible for customers to select from what we keep in stock natural and luxurious wigs in a myriad variety of colours, leghths and styles.


A few words from CEO


You have always sought for that thick, gorgeous hair that can turn heads when you walk into a room. Vibrance, elegance, comfort are the primary ingredients of El-Milano Wigs that every lady wishes to have on at all times.

Our Rabbi-Certified Jewish Kosher Wigs promise to give you an aura of confidence and sleek, incomparable look. Founded as El-Milano Extensions in 2000, worldwide distribution network of High Quality Kosher Wigs by El-Milano has taken pride in the supply of fashion-forward, top-notch quality Wigs and Hair Extensions to the folks from all walks of life ranging from beauty fans to professionals in the industry.

The team of innovation-driven, sophisticated, inspired of artisans seamlessly strives to make every possible way to fulfill customers’ satisfaction and to help them be the queen of their ambience. “Success always comes after sleepless nights and determined efforts you put into the work done” believes Michael Kalendarev (CEO of El-Milano Wigs).

He further opines that “Jewish Sheitel is a magical adjunct to the beauty of women in the Jewish community. To provide them what they really shoot for is our mission, and for this, we are ready to sacrifice all our resources available”.

Apart from gaining access to Jewish Kosher Wigs online store, the customers have an opportunity to enjoy a trip to our premise-based Jewish Wigs Factory where they will be able to turn wonderful moments into the greatest adventures.

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