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It’s always important to consider hygienic factors while wearing alternative hair and make sure that you keep your scalp neat and clean twice a day to avoid any possible pimples, cysts or infections. This post is to help those who are experiencing the effects of chemotherapy and radiation on your skin or scalp.

Let’s get the ball rolling

Ordinary soap and shampoo made with any detergents cannot provide enough moisture for the scalp. Therefore, Witch Hazel is an astringent product that works well on sensitive scalps. You can place a little witch hazel liquid on a small cotton pad or you can purchase it in pre-made boxes for proper appliance. If used once in a time, it can cleanse perfectly without drying the scalp too much. For some of the clients, using it regularly causes excessive drying, for others it works fine applying it on a daily basis. You just have to try it out on yourself and see what end-result you will come out with as everyone’s scalp responds differently.

Another possible alternative is to make regular use of a mild shampoo containing no sulfates mixing with a low amount of alcohol.


With any product, if you feel any dryness, be advised to rub a small amount of Burdock and apply the root of the scalp.