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Posted by: admin September 19, 2019 No Comments

If you are the one who was born with fine, thin hair, the struggle is real to find the right product to volumize your hair without weighing it down. More often than not, when a product is found to have the lasting power to do its job all day, it also comes with the unpleasant side effect of being too heavy and stiff.

This post talks about how to add the perfect amount of volume while still giving your hair, whether your own, extensions, or wigs, a natural feel.

Dry shampoo has taken on a jack of all trades in recent times. Typically, it is used for its intended purpose: to absorb oils between washes. Another widespread use of this product, either in aerosol or powder foam, is that it adds a nice boost to your hair. Its design for invisible light application makes it a supremely natural looking choice for thinner hair. This product is great for short hair length to add an all-over boost. Fun fact: We use dry shampoo to give our wigs a completely natural look!