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Keep your wigs hygienic

It’s always important to consider hygienic factors while wearing alternative hair and make sure that you keep your scalp neat and clean twice a day to avoid any possible pimples, cysts or infections. This post is to help those who are experiencing the effects of chemotherapy and radiation on your skin or scalp.

5 key reasons why you should make your wig purchase from El-Milano Wigs

Are you loaded with mind-blowing questions why El-Milano Wigs should be the best of choice? Then, this post is surely going to help you to discover more facts about why it's worth making your purchase with us

What is Root Boost?

Another ultimate solution to have more bouncy and body-looking hair comes with the help of Root Booster products. This article is to provide handy information on how to volumize your wigs with the aid of another brand-new product.

Magic bullets that give your Jewish Shietel voluminous look

If you are the one who was born with fine, thin hair, the struggle is real to find the right product to volumize your hair without weighing it down. More often than not, when a product is found to have the lasting power to do its job all day, it also comes with the unpleasant side effect of being too heavy and stiff.

Why we love El-Milano Wigs!

True appreciation for Jewish Kosher Wigs starts at El-Milano Wigs, and we are here to get you covered Many of our customersturn to us with one main concern, “Will my wig look natural?” Even though it’s hard to choose, perhaps our favorite El-Milano Wigs’ feature is how natural these wigs and hairpieces look when you...

Proper care is a key secret…

Going through a frustrating experience in how to properly maintain your Jewish Kosher Wigs? El-Milano Wig Professional Adviser is here to take some weight off your shoulders and teach the best tricks for you. The biggest fear every single wig wearer starts to struggle with comes in summer when the heatwave is hitting the planet....

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