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Please feel free to contact us via filling out the form on our site or you can e-mail us with your request as detailed as possible. You can call our office during the working hours to place an order. Our sales associates will contact you back as fast as possible to ensure you get a full information and assistance with your order details further on.


After processing the order, our sales associates verifies the availability of the product. As the order verified and confirmed successfully, you will receive an invoice with which you can perform a bank transfer. Please contact us if you want to order sample products. We accept all major payment methods: Western Union, MoneyGram etc.


After the successful completion of the payment, we start shipping your product. We cooperate with all major carriers. Depending on your choice and comfort, you can choose a carrier. As for more reliability we recommend FedEx Express for their reliability and fast delivery. The shipping price is determined by the selected carrier, destination and cargo weight.

“EL-Milano Wigs” provides you with the tracking number for security reasons. If you have any questions or offers regarding the delivery details, please contact us.

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