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Monofilament Wigs

The multidirectional style and invisible OPEN-CAP on the sides and nape Mono Wigs by El-Milano Wigs feels very durable on your head.   Light and breathable cap design will give you smooth movement just like your own head.   The construction of the wig cap design is very unique as there is no comb and PU material is used in front. Therefore, you can use the tape to attach the wig to your head.

The Lace material is used on a backside belt/band which gives easy moving control and knotting to your scalp.   The back part of the Mono wig cap is U type and imitates the look of a real human scalp.   The nape and sides of the Mono Wig have been hand-tied to a seamless, soft lace net cap   Achieve the fashionable impression by El-Milano Wigs luxury & best quality Mono Wigs.

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