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If you are willing to become our wholesale distribution partner, then you are in a right page. We welcome and value every partnership with El-Milano Wigs. There are numerous perks of joining our team of distributors in a long term basis starting from lower costs to a full access to

Advantages of a Full El-Milano Wigs Distributor Partner Program

  • Access to Marketing Instructions
  • Access Training Courses
  • Lower prices in a long term basis
  • Discounts program


To become a full El-Milano Wigs Distributor Partner, you will need to fill out the form below as one of our associates will contact you in a shortest period of time.

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    Kosher Certificate

    Invest Your Hair! Let us take care of your BEAUTY.

    What do we offer



    We offer finest handpicked hair strands from professional experts without mixing different hair quality into the same wig. Every wig is processed thoroughly with high expertise and care.



    Direct supplies from the manufacturer to the dealer make our supplement system even more attractive and flexible. An appealing discount system is available for long-term customers as well.



    The care and consideration we offer to our every customer makes our company’s products even more reliable.

    As our main stock trade is Jewish wigs, we offer exclusively Kosher Certification with the authentic evaluation from the Rabbi.



    With the touch of the highly passionate designers of our team we strive on creating trendy wigs’ design. The Jewish style encountered by highly skilled American designers create stunning looks with outstanding quality.

    What You'll Get



    Customization service accepted, means our professional designers’ team and sales team will try their best to help you with your needs.



    We are doing business with traders worldwide, we already gain a pretty good market share, and our hair sources are 100% pure human hair with the best looks and durability.



    Manufacturer directly supplies give you the chance to earn more benefit. We also offer a great discount for you, the more you order, the more discount you will get.



    All of the facts above will take you to a bright future! Just contact us, move one step ahead.

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    About us

    The affection (passion) for the job and willingness to deliver truly facilitating products makes the brand of El-Milano stand out from other companies. The El-Milano Wigs has been distributing genuinely high-level quality wigs to the top markets all around the world. Since the inception of our career which dates back to 2000, the team of El-Milano prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction as the utmost important aspects of self-devised business model. Over the course of this period, we have established successful partnership with numerous of companies in various continents, and our export areas have reached continental USA, Israel, France and Canada. The crew of our qualified artisans with the highest expertise hold a well-rounded 40-year experience that makes them true jack of their trades. Since we mostly specialize in Jewish Sheitels, every wig being processed is taken under a strict quality control and inspected with a meticulous attention and care. To earn a full customer satisfaction, we get our wigs certified by The Kosher Rabbi. We warehouse a huge inventory of handpicked wigs of the highest quality where the customers can lay their hands on for a variety of colors, textures and lengths. The minute the wig-making process is completed, accurate scrutiny is undertaken to ensure the end-user receives high-quality wigs that is a real guarantee to add extra elegance and glamour to their beauty on all occasions. The quality apart, we along with American-based designers strive on comfort and design of the wigs for wearing on a regular basis with the latest trendy looks blended. El-Milano Wigs always welcomes cooperation and partnership proposals with warm, and believes with your partnership the sky is our limit. If you have further questions regarding the partnership program, please feel free to contact us!

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    You will receive full information and training to help you present our beautiful brand and experience to your clients.